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Econoline Crush is an industrial alternative rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their notable singles include "You Don't Know What It's Like," "Sparkle and Shine," "Home," "Wicked" and "Surefire."

"With multiple studio albums they have made quite a name for themselves here in Canada. Their album The Devil You Know has helped Econoline Crush's revelation into the United States and around the world.

Performing with various artists such as Foo Fighters, The Tea Party, Green Day and Kiss. This is clearly one hell of a good album earning them gold and plantinum awards as well as a Juno nomination.

Years later Econoline Crush annouced a new record while on tour with Hinder. With their new band line up, they toured with 3 Doors Down, Staind and Hinder followed by a tour with Alice Cooper to promote their studio album Ignite. Their fourth album Brand New History went for a more dynamic approach in capturing the band's live energy."

We are excited to have Econoline Crush co-heading this year at Bankside Music Festival.

Trevor Hurst: vocals
Ziggy: guitar
Dayvid Swart: drums
Dan Yaremko: bass
Graham Tuson: guitar


Attica Riots is an alternative rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba best described as a cosmic musical connection. Their lyrics are rich with clever, tongue-in-cheek social commentary. Their popular hits include "Misery," "No Hands," "Love, Sunshine and Hysteria," and "I'm Not the Only One."

Attica Riot's sweaty, soaring compositions are wholly visceral and are eager to and conscious about making a direct connection with the listener. The band is armed with an arsenal of songs that are bolstered by elements of dance, punk, and sticky, straight up pop. Sometimes dark, sometimes subtile but always acute, these songs are destined to find homes on the radio airwaves and on playlists of discerning music fans who are suckers for a good, unshakable and unforgettable hook.

Recently touring in 2018, they played at Summerfest in Milwaukee with Arcade Fire, Imagine Dragons, Alien Ant Farm, Buckcherry, P.O.D. and Social Distortion. Shortly after, Attica Riots played during the Winnipeg Blue Bombers halftime show and following Bright Righteous at the Garrick for their EP release.

The members of Attica Riots are firmly on the same musical page. It's why the songs that make up their debut release are so fluid and unforgettable. Get ready - Attica Riots are about to take the alternative rock world by storm. You will not want to miss Attica Riots Saturday night!

Bobby Desjarlais: vocals
Kyle Erickson: guitar
Anders Erickson: drums


2018 has been a phenomenal year for the southern rock band Wreckin' So. It was highlighted by the band opening in separate shows for rock icons Blue Oyster Cult and Nazareth.

During the year, Wreckin' So also opened for a list of artists who are well known throughout North American music industry. These include: Default, Harlequin, The Headpins, Cadillac 3 and Buckcherry.

Wreckin So' was the winner for Minnedosa's Rockin' the Fields Battle of the Bands in 2018. They also won Dauphin Countryfest Battle of the Bands in the summer of 2017. A heavy focus on unique three-part harmonies has raised Wreckin' So's level as a band. These have come highly evident in recent songs the band has put out.

Apart from powerful relatable lyrics from frontman Brent Alarie, the band is also well known for virtuoso guitar player, Ronnie Ladobruk. Over the winter, Wreckin' So is in the process of recording while simultaneously writing more of their infectious tunes.

Brent Alarie: vocals and rythym guitar
Ronnie Ladobruk: lead guitar and vocals
Claude Deveau: bass and vocals
Clint Chaboyer: drums


Burning Porcelain is a four piece hard rock band with punk and metal influences. A high level of intensity and intricate song arrangements plays an important role in the band's sound. The group takes pride in staying tight while playing at high speeds, they deliver a radio friendly sound with more kick than your average mainstream rock band.

The group adopted a strategy early on to grow a loyal fan base over time rather than over night. They began recording their first EP at Bedside Studios in 2018 and are planning a release in 2019. Their first single "Never That Simple" was released on all major streaming platforms last year.

Having played alongside some of Winnipeg's top acts and headlined Bankside Music Festival in 2018 they have also performed acoustically on national television, had air play on 101.5 UMFM and on Wheeler in the Morning Podcast. Be sure to catch Burning Porcelain at Bankside 2019 to see what this local powerhouse is all about.

Roger Friesen: vocals
Richard Houle: guitar
Allan Kathler: bass
Matt Klapka: drums


Captivating and winning audiences over since 2014, The Bloodshots are a grunge rock band out of Winnipeg, Canada.

In the fall of 2015, local radio station 92 Citi FM held a fan voted contest to open for Finger Eleven on the Winnipeg stop of their tour. The Bloodshots won this contest by a large margin and their single Breaking Down was hand chosen by the members of Finger Eleven.

The Bloodshots have built their solid stage presence playing and touring with rock and roll heavyweights such as Gob, Buckcherry, Finger Eleven, Jet Set Satellite, One Bad Son, Danko Jones, Econoline Crush, CKY, The Lazys and Moist.

Recently the band has worked with acclaimed Canadian engineer/mixer/Producer Dale Penner (Mathew Good Band, Econoline Crush, Nickleback) in studio.

In 2018 at the Indigenous Music Awards they were nominated for Best Rock Album. The Bloodshots should definitely be on your must see list!

CJ Loaner: guitar and lead vocals
Keith Skazyk: guitar and back up vocals
Orvis Thomas: bass and back up vocals
Jared Masters: drums and eye liner


Formed in 2016, Amadians -- Courtney Devon (vocals), James Roth (guitars), Ian Powell (bass), and Kyle Fox (drums) -- have spent the past three years trying to distill the best components of everything from pop, rock and blues to funk, soul, and jazz, into the sort of songs that not only get inside your bones but that awaken that primal urge inside us all to just cut loose.

Courtney and James have been writing together for four years. When they first started out, they didn't really have an intended sound or something they were aiming for, they kept writing and writing until they found their niche. When Ian and Kyle entered the picture, they began to flow in the direction that the group creativity led and that always seemed to include a touch of old and a touch of new.

Captured fully on their forthcoming self-produced debut release, which is packed full of melody-heavy tracks that couple sultry pop vocals and rich, layered harmonies with chanky funk guitars, shiny synths, syncopated drumming, and bright, nostalgia inducing horns, the album, with pre-production assistance by Matt Schellenberg (Royal Canoe) and engineered by Evan St. Cyr, sees Amadians serving up a sound that revels in the groove of decades past and yet feels appetizingly dissimilar.

As our desire to escape it all increases and our need for connection beyond the synthetic realm begins to bloom, bands like Winnipeg-based alt-soul-pop outfit Amadians remind us that no matter how wild or wicked things get out there, on the dance floor, we're all just humans.

Amadians' first single Wasting Time is out now!

Courtney Devon: vocals
James Roth: guitar
Kyle Fox: drums
Ian Powell: bass


Nick of Time

In 2007 Pauline Bachmann and Michele Cadieux met at a jam session at Spirited Music in Winnipeg, MB. Their love of music and desire to perform brought them together as they started adding musicians to form the band, Nick of Time.

Over the years, various musicians have joined them, bringing them to their current band. From Letellier, MB, Nick of Time performs a wide range of music from blues and classic rock, to folk, pop and R+B. Nick of Time is looking forward to rocking out with all the Bankside music fans in July 2019!

Pauline Bachmann: lead vocals
Michele Cadieux: rhythm guitar
Al Friesen: drums
Henry Backmann: lead guitar
Josee Shroeder: bass
Terry Klassen: saxophone
Judy Friesen: keyboard and vocals


Tremendous Dynamite

Formed in 2012, Tremendous Dynamite is a hard rockin' four piece band from the Westman music scene.

This act is a must see/hear for any hard rocking music lover. With their cleverly crafted style and musical feel built into their mix of original tunes and covers, this band is a nicely crafted blend of a soulful Led Zeppelin meets Queens of the Stone Age with a dash of Radio Head to mix things up. These four men will bring together something quite Tremendous, one would say.

Nick Piche: vocals and guitar
Mike Posthumus: guitar and vocals
Cory Badger: bass
Paul Roozendaal: drums and vocals


Johnny and The Dreidgers

A rag tag group of guys founded out of a love of drinking beer, smoking pork, and listening to the classics. Sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy a few of your favourites from the 70s and 80s. If you're looking for old school rock Johnny + The Driedgers sure ain't "Bad Company"

Michael Allmendinger: piano
Jonathan Kathler: bass
Dale Dreidger: vocals and guitar
Cory Dreidger: vocals
Dylan Dreidger: drums


Heart n' Funk

The dynamic acoustic duo of Heart n' Funk has been enlightening music lovers in your local bars and festivals since the winter of 2013. Guitarist Alex Hartin and vocalist Caitlin Funk discovered they both have a love for music, and kick started their career playing at open mic nights around Whistler, BC where they were residing at the time.

Hartin's unique guitar style is influenced by a mix of heavy metal bands such as August Burns Red and Lamb of God mixed with a touch of classic/heavy rock artists including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age and so on. Funk has a gritty new-age sound with a touch of a classic rock feel to it, and finds herself influenced by a number of badass women such as Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, just to name a few.

Now relocated back in Manitoba for 4 years, the duo brings you a distinctive, acoustic twist to some modern and classic tunes that music enthusiasts everywhere have come to know and love.

Caitlin Funk: vocals
Alex Hartin: guitar


Almighty Vagrant

A fresh, dynamic rock band made of good friends from the city of Winkler, Manitoba.

Lead guitarist, Brian Krahn and front man, Ryan Dyck first began playing together in highschool in the thrash metal group Final Casket. After that project ended they continued writing and jamming and eventually we're joined by bassist, Reagan Bergen who also plays with Brian in the legendary band Dungeon Mann. The lineup was completed by well known local drummer Brenton Penner.

Brian Krahn: guitar
Ryan Dyck: vocals
Reagan Bergen: bass
Brenton Penner: drums

Friday, July 19, 2019


Hellride (formerly known as Fourth Street) formed over 15 years ago in a garage in Southern Manitoba.

Their music evolved from punk/rock in the early days, to a more aggressive metal sound in the latter. Being influenced by the likes of Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God, their music blends riffy and melodic guitar/bass work with hard hitting vocals with drums to match.

Their first album Calling on your Soul was released in 2012 and is available on all major streaming platforms. After a four year break they're back working on new material. If you like music, there's a chance you'll like Hellride.

Dale Driedger: vocals and guitar
Michael Allmendinger: guitar
Allan Kathler: bass
Jonathan Kathler: drums


Chernobyl Wolves is a hardcore punk crossover band from Winnipeg, MB.

Started in 2014, their live action, fueled mayhem original tunes are influenced by DK, Circle Jerks, Misfits, Black Flag, Cro Mags, Agnostic Front and Slayer. Their most recent album, New Wolf Order, will be released on March 30, 2019.

Jon Lister: guitar
Phil Kendel: vocals
Kyle Bilous: bass
Marty Chatrin: drums



Founded in 2013 in Winnipeg, MB, Kratom is all about sick riffs cemented in the heavy metal genre of music. Their influences are In Flames, Lamb of God, Soilwork and As I Lay Dying.

Evan Barry: guitar
Jaimi Matthews: guitar
Mark Fraser: drums
Robin Kimball: bass
Mike Wushke: vocals


Awaiting the Answer

AtA is an alternative metal band from Winnipeg MB. Started in 2015, the band worked hard in its early stages writing original material and finding their own unique sound.

The band wrote and recorded five songs and released their self titled EP in 2016. After playing several shows and working on some new material, the bands hit single Essence of Sorrow was recorded with original members Aaron Davis and Jordan Cielen. The band went on hiatus after playing their last show with the original line up in July 2018.

In the months following, the band held auditions, Ole Larson was chosen as the new drummer and Jeremy Norquay as the new guitarist. With the band at full strength once again, they set their sites on polishing up old material, beefing up their live show and writing new songs eager to see their new direction and what exciting things lie ahead.

Dave McDougall: vocals
Kevin Toporowsky: guitar and vocals
Mike Smalley: bass
Jeremy Norquay: guitar
Ole Larson: drums


Death Cassette

Formed in 2018, Death Cassette is a punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba with elements of grunge, alternative and hardcore.

Amanda Sousa: guitar and vocals
Dan Barchuk: bass
Brock Macpherson: drums
Lindsey Hawkes: guitar


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